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A girl doesn't walk hei dog. Is a girl waiking her dog?yes,she is.

打*的是比较常用的 \r\n \r\n \r\nfuck* \r\ndamn* \r\nShit* \r\nCocksucker \r\nmotherfucker* \r\nPussy \r\nCunt \r\nAsshole* \r\nFuckhead \r\nFuckface \r\nDick \r\nShitface \r\nAsshole cleaner \r\nFucking bitch* \r\nTits \r\nGod damn whore \r\nClit \r\

zoo and girl 动物园和女孩 双语例句1.On the next page the zoo keeper gave Erny back to the girl, and Michener nodded his approval. 后一页中动物园管理员把恩尼还给了那个女孩,对此麦切纳点头表示同意.2.Alexis Hamilton and her then 18-

The small dog with sunglasses is kicking a ball behind the girl 那只戴着太阳镜的小狗在踢女孩背后的球.

a girl and her dog的中文翻译 a girl and her dog 一个女孩和她的狗 全部释义和例句试试人工翻译 girl 英 [gl] 美 [l] n. 女孩;姑娘,未婚女子;女职员,女演员;(男人的)女朋友 n. (捷)吉尔

Supergirl and Superdog are flying (above) the park. They (hear) a noise. They see some boys on an (island). They (save) the boys. The boys (say) thank you to Supergirl and Superdog. Both of them are very (happy).

该片拍摄于1944年,1946年才上映.二战期间的美国,一个男孩,一个女孩和一条狗在一个空的公寓里,最后成了英雄的K - 9军团的故事 During World War II, a young boy and girl, living with their respective families in an apartment house that had restriction..… []

godisagirl 上帝是个女孩

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