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I am a member of the Class three Gread six.There are 36 classmates in our class.Liu Yang is the monitor of our class.Ms Wang is our headteacher,and Ms zhou is our chinese teacher.I like my classroom because it's big and bright.

.I like my classroom.It is big and bright.There is a big board in the front .There is a platform in front of the board.There are two air conditioners in the classroom.There are six windows .There are fifty desks and fifty chairs in the classroom.My

my class hello,everybody!i have a fantastic class. there are eighty people in our class. we are very friendly. we know some new students this term and they are very friendly too. we also know some new teachers. that`s all. this is my class.how about

my class my class is like a big family.i love it very much.in the big family has my favourite teachers and my lovely classmates.the fllowing is something aboout my class. in the class time,we all listen to the teachers carefully,after class ,we play together.

my class is very big there are fourty students in our class every calssmate very friend all would like to make friend with me iam very happy in here

My class is like a big family ,it is also an advanced class.My class is made up with 56 students and there are 29 girls. We are often concered about the others, we help each other and all of us are warmhearted. We live in harmony. We are hard-

My classmatesI have many friends in my class. They're lovely and interesting. I would like to introduce some of them. Alice is very cute. She's also kind to everyone and she's very enthusiastic. She's always ready to help everyone, but she is forgetful.

I have math class after the art class. I like my math class best . But it is very hard.the math teacher tell us something about triangles And thenI have Chinese class I like my chinese class,too.the chinese teacher tell us how to write a good article.It is

my class There are thirty-three students in my class. They are all my classmates and friends. Five of them are my good friends. They are Gloria, Lucy, Lilian, Rone, and Dana. We usually study together and play with each other. We are happy together

I'm a student.There are 38 desks and chairs in my classroom. And there are 6 windows on the wall. 38 students are in my class.My chinese teacher is Miss Gu ,my English teacher is Miss Feng and my math teacher is Miss Li.I like my class very

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