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mAkE A xxx 英语作文

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Few things in life are better on a brisk, sunny spring day than taking the family out to the park to fly a kite. But have you ever thought about making your own? With the help of the whole family, and a few simple household materials, it's not as

你好.make a choice to do,翻译成中文是:做一个选择.希望帮到你,满意请采纳.

The new term is coming and i will be wiser and wiser because i will learn more knowlege.I will do more meaningful things that i think.First,i will get back to my everyday activities, Second,i will read more books,just as the saying goes:the more , the

As a middle school student, my study burden is heavier than before. Therefore, I must make a good plan for my English study to make the effort effective and set sometime aside for playing. Firstly, I will make a big plan for this term and set a goal for it

In my opinion, learning langueage is both easy and hard. I say easy because when you have a right way to learn language, it will become a very simple problem. But when you on a wrong "way", it will be as hard as you never can score. ..I have

"Selling hot dogs, sure, selling hot dogs la" A crying attracted me, I turn head a see, was originally a Taiwan type lunch are soaring hot dogs. Many children held a money, while chanting buy a hot dog Selling hot dogs is a fat women,

你好!make a plan for the party 为晚会制定计划

Since I began to study in a middle school,I have started learning English.I have learned this kind of language for about ten years.I have learned many words, useful expressions,good sentences,reasonable sayings and beautiful English songs as well

This afternoon I joined in the English Corner at the Wuyi Square. There I met Tom, an American boy. He was tall and cute, with blue eyes and brown hair. He was as old as I. We talked with each other for two hours. He told me that his parents had

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