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如果是首句开头的是就应该是In my views.如果是在句中的话in my views二个意思是一样的,用法不一样而已.!

参考:Both mean the same for all practical purposes, but in my point of view is usually replaced by the more idiomatic in my view, in my opinion, or from my point of view. Somehow, the issue is more with my, and less with in/from, as shown by the

答案是: from是正确的,即 from my point of view 意思是:依我看来,依据我的观点 相当于 in my opinion

正确的用法是in my opinion.on my opinion不是标准的正确用法.

VIEW用作单数时一般只概念、定义的意思,用作复数时一般指观点、看法.所以my views on意思是我对的看法.my view on就可以翻译成我对某一事物在大脑中的概念.

in my opinion=from my perspective=in my view=personally 意思我认为

at my home in my apartment/house

in my opinion在我看来

in my home正确,at home中间不能加代词或冠词

只有前面的可以用,意思是在我看来.后面的应该是insist on my opinion 坚持我的观点.没有on my opinion

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