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from July,15 to August,20

Time: July 15 to August 12

Summer camp starts from Jul.15 to Aug.12

Dear Editor,I have joined an English summer camp recently but I am very disappointed because the organiser didn't keep their promise. I had wanted to improve my English by joining in the camp but there were 60 students in a class so we had few

Activity start from July 15th to Aug. 5th

From the 27th of July to the 15th of August

一月january 二月february 三月march 四月april 五月may 六月june 七月july 八月august 九月september 十月october 十一月november 十二月december 希望能帮助你,祝你开心,记得采纳哦!!!!!

July 15th迎合百度

你好!7月15日 On July 15,

一月:January 二月:February 三月:March 四月:April 五月:May 六月:June 七月:July 八月:August 九月:September 十月:October 十一月:November 十二月:December 缩写 一月:January Jan. 二月:February Feb. 三月:March Mar. 四月:April Apr. 五月:May - 六月:June - 七月:July - 八月:August Aug. 九月:September Sept. 十月:October Oct. 十一月:November Nov. 十二月:December Dec.

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