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服务员:Service man. 如果是餐馆,用waiter(男)或 waitress (女) 如果是航班,用steward (男)或 strwardess (女)

服务员的英语单词是waiter,详细信息如下: waiter 英 [wet(r)] 美 [wet] n.服务员;侍者;托盘 例句: a waiter offered him the menu 一个服务生给他送上了菜单. the waiter had brought the sweet trolley. 侍者已经推来了甜食推车.

"女服务员" 的英语单词是waitress

餐厅常用英语一百句1、早上好(午安、晚安)Good morning.(afternoon evening)2、您好! How are you? How do you do?Welcome to golden city restaurant.3、再见,欢迎下次再来!Good-bye! Come again next time, you are Welcome.4、慢走

用can i help you?吧, Food &Beverage Service 餐饮服务1) What time would you like your table?您什么时间需要这张餐桌呢?2) A table for two?你们是两个人吗?3) For how many?几个人?4) Who's the reservation for?您为谁预订?5) You

waiter [weit] n. 服务员,侍有不明白的地方再问哟,祝你学习进步,更上一层楼! (*^__^*)

“女服务员”的英文单词为Waitress.列举如下:第一、He pointed at the empty bottle and the waitress quickly replaced it 译文:他指了指空瓶子,女服务员立即重新拿了一瓶.第二、The chambermaid spoke little English, so her husband came

waiter [5weitE] n.者 waiter wait.er AHD:[w“t…r] D.J.[6weit*] K.K.[6wet+] n.(名词) One who serves at a table, as in a restaurant.侍者:如在餐馆中在餐桌旁服务的人,A tray or salver.

attendant 服务员 desk clerk 值班服务员 waiter (餐厅)服务员 waitress (餐厅)女服务员

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